Why is the PTFE lined butterfly valve the Best Valve For Industries?
December 20, 2023

There are a wide variety of options available to you when it comes to installing new valves in your industry. Size and material are important considerations, but the most important thing is to think about whether or not the valve you choose will still work in ten years. Fluton Valves, the leading butterfly valve manufacturer in Ahmedabad, offers PTFE butterfly valves that can answer all of your questions.

Why are butterfly valves the most effective?

The capacity of PTFE lined butterfly valves to withstand extreme conditions in various environments is the trait that makes them most famous for their application in industries.

Reasons why this valve type should be your first choice for residential or business applications are as follows.

Easy to Install

Butterfly valves are very easy to install, which makes them ideal for most applications.

Simple yet Robust Design

Two flaps and a disk that opens between them form the three primary components of a butterfly valve, which allows fluid to be inserted and removed. When the disc is open, fluid can move through without restriction; the flow stops when it is closed. Under high-pressure situations, when other valves could potentially leak, Butterfly is the ideal option for controlling flow rates.

Wide Range of Uses

The valve’s most typical application is to regulate the flow of water from a reservoir to a building or residence. Among its many other uses are the regulation of chemical processes and the management of gases and liquids within containers.

Low Maintenance

Even under very high pressure, butterfly valves outperform gate valves and are easier to maintain than ball valves.

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When looking for a budget-friendly valve, PTFE-lined butterfly valves are a common pick. The butterfly valves are long-lasting, can function in a broad range of operating pressures, seal very well, and can withstand temperatures between -149°C and 260°F (-250°F to 500°F). The valves’ strong corrosion resistance is a result of the PTFE lining.


Butterfly valves have various uses. Their versatility, ease of installation, and dependability make them ideal for many industries. The chemical, agricultural, and food processing sectors, among others, frequently make use of these valves. Get in touch with Fluton Valves, the leading butterfly valve manufacturer in Ahmedabad, if you are looking for PTFE lined butterfly valves.

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