Ball Valve Manufacturer in Ahmedabad
December 07, 2023

A rotary ball with a hole in it is used to open and close a ball valve, which controls the flow of gas or liquid. Turning the ball a quarter of a turn, or 90 degrees, allows the medium to flow through the pipe or blocks it. As they age, ball valves continue to seal reliably and extend their useful life.

The ball valves can only be opened and closed in a precise 90-degree rotation due to their unique design. The airtight sealing and dependable performance of these valves make them a popular option in industrial settings.

The ball valve continues to function effectively even after extended periods of inactivity. The ball valve is a popular and commonly used shut-off valve for controlling and blocking pipeline flow because of its features. A further advantage of ball valves over other valve types is their resistance to polluted media.

Types of Common Ball Valves

  • Standard (Threaded)
  • Hydraulic
  • Flanged
  • Vented

In addition to size and shape, the metals and materials used to make ball valves can be used to categorise them, as listed below

  • Mild Steel Ball Valve
  • Iron Ball Valve
  • Brass Ball Valve
  • Stainless Steel Ball Valve
  • PP Ball Valve
  • Forged Carbon Steel Ball Valve

A wide range of sizes and shapes of ball valves are available to meet the needs of various businesses and applications.

Uses of Ball Valves

All sorts of industries and hydrocarbon process applications make use of ball valves, including those using stainless steel, PP, and forged carbon steel. Residential buildings also make use of it.

Particularly in low-flow scenarios, their ability to throttle gases and vapours comes in particularly handy. A popular and commonly used control valve, these valves open quickly and seal very tightly, even when dealing with fluids that are difficult to handle. Ball valves are used for controlling flow and for situations that necessitate a tight shut-off.

Applications of Ball Valves

  • Industries dealing with chemical storage,
  • oil and gas Industries, and
  • Manufacturing Industries
  • Home Applications

Installation of Ball Valves

The ball valve specs must be reviewed prior to the installation or ordering of the ball valves. If you want to manage the flow of fluid or gas and achieve your goals, you need to choose the right ball valve by paying attention to the specifications.

The production methods, raw materials, and procedures that necessitate certain materials and temperature settings vary greatly across all industrial facilities and setups.

Installing the proper ball valve material allows you to mechanically control and regulate such materials throughout a range of temperatures. Considering the ball valve characteristics is essential for obtaining the intended outcome and ensuring the valve lasts a long time when choosing the right one for the factory’s equipment and setup.

Ball Valve Benefits: Space-saving and easy-to-maintain

  • No lubrication is needed
  • The most cost-effective valve kind.
  • Watertight support
  • Swiftly open and shut


The ball valve price list in India changes depending on the ball valve’s dimensions and the materials used to make it. Visit Fluton Valve to place an order for the ball valves that meet your specific requirements if you are seeking a ball valve supplier or manufacturer in Ahmedabad. We offer high-quality ball valves with a variety of specifications, including metals and dimensions, suitable for any application or installation.

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