ECTFE Coating

Butterfly Valve Manufacturer in Ahmedabad, Gujarat


  • Available from 25 mm to 300 mm
  • Excellent Chemical Resistance

Unbeatable Chemical Resistance With The PTFE-Lined Butterfly Valve

Innovative PTFE Lined Butterfly Valve: The Future of Valve Technology

Fluton Valve India offers high-quality Butterfly Valve in Ahmedabad, Gujarat for use in applications involving aggressive and corrosive media. PTFE Lined Butterfly Valve are chemically resistant and can withstand a wide range of temperatures. Their PTFE lining ensures that the media can be routed safely without fear of chemical reactions or contamination.

Due to their excellent resistance to chemical corrosion and abrasion, PTFE-lined butterfly valves are an essential component of many industrial processes. In addition, PTFE-lined butterfly valves can provide unrivalled performance and reliability for a wide range of industrial applications when manufactured and designed correctly.

Why choose your valves from Fluton Valve India?

It is available in a range of sizes, making it suitable for a variety of applications in chemical and petrochemical industries. Our valve's PTFE lining acts as a barrier between the fluid being transported and the valve body, restricting chemical reactions between the two. This makes the butterfly valve ideal to be utilized in applications involving corrosive or abrasive fluids, as they can withstand harsh chemicals while maintaining performance over time.

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