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  • Available from 25 mm Nb to 200 mm Nb.
  • Low torque.
  • Quarter-turn operation.
  • Bubble tight shut off.
  • Minimum pressure drop

Introducing The PTFE Lined Ball Valve For Unmatched Chemical Resistance

Advanced PTFE Lined Ball Valve Now Available for High-Purity Applications

PTFE-lined ball valves are widely used in various industries because of their exceptional resistance to chemical corrosion and abrasion. Some of the leading industries where our ball valves are used are chemical, pharmaceutical, and food processing. The reason these valves are so popular is that it's lining acts as a barrier between the fluid being transported and the valve's metal body, preventing any chemical reaction between the two.

This makes the PTFE lined ball valve ideal for use in applications involving corrosive or abrasive fluids, as they can withstand harsh chemicals while maintaining performance over time.

Benefits of using PTFE Lined Ball Valve

One of the primary advantages of PTFE-lined ball valves is their long life. They can endure high temperatures and intense pressure, thus being suitable for use in harsh industrial settings. Furthermore, PTFE-lined ball valves are very simple to maintain because the lining is resistant to buildup and easily cleaned. This minimizes the likelihood of contamination, making them ideal for use in applications requiring strict cleanliness. Our valves come in multiple sizes so that they can fit the requirements of various industries. Contact us today to get a free quote!

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